Which figure below would include pi in the formulas for surface area and volume?A. CubeB. Cylinder C. Pyramid D. Tetrahedron

Accepted Solution

Answer: Option 'b' is correct.Step-by-step explanation:Since we know that Surface area of cube = 6a²Volume of cube = a³So, it does not include pi at all.Surface area of pyramid is given by[tex]\frac{1}{3}[/tex]perimeter of base × heightVolume of pyramid is given by[tex]\frac{1}{3}[/tex]× area of base × heightAnd we know that base can be of 2D shapes which do not include pi at all.Surface of tetrahedron is given by[tex]\sqrt{3}a^2[/tex]Volume of tetrahedron is given by[tex]\frac{\sqrt{2}}{12}a^3[/tex]So, it does not include pi.Surface area of cylinder is given by[tex]2\pi rh[/tex]Volume of cylinder is given by[tex]\pi r^2h[/tex]Hence, only cylinder include pi.Therefore, Option 'b' is correct.