What is the domain of y= 2x - 4/x^2 - 4?

Accepted Solution

Answer:{x while x β‰ 2, -2}Step-by-step explanation:First let's define domain,Domain is the set of all values on which the function is defined i.e. the function doesn't approach to infinity.Given function is:[tex]y = \frac{2x-4}{x^{2} -4}[/tex]We will look for all the values of x on which the function will become undefined:We can see that x= 2 and x=-2 will make the denominator zero as there is x^2 involved. The denominator zero will make the function undefined. So, the domain of the function is set of all real numbers except 2 nd -2 {x while x β‰ 2, -2} ..